School of Nutrition is a consultancy firm working since 2014 to meet the high quality standards by contributing towards the healthy life style and excellence in entrepreneurship opportunities for emerging nutritionists’ to bring a positive change in the society.

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SON – Social Development Foundation is a project of School of Nutrition which was established in 2014 with the aim to spread and increase awareness regarding health and nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy life for which the social development team is working on various projects including: Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education (CDNE) workshops, seminars, Nutrition Free camps in various hospitals, School Nutrition Program, Nutrition Food Bank and an exclusive Nutritionists’ Club to unite professionals and students for the betterment and development of the field of Nutrition to increase awareness in order to combat unhealthy choices, diseases and most importantly malnutrition.


Nutrition Awareness Program

  • Nutrition Awareness Camp (NAC)

  • School Nutrition Program (SNP)

NUR Food Bank

  • Distribution of Dry Ration

  • Green Business: Donate Goat and Chickens

Nutrition Education Program

  • Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education (CDNE) Workshops

  • Nutrition Seminars

  • International Conference on Nutrition & Health

  • Funded Research Projects

Nutrition Club

  • Annual Dinner

  • Nutrition Mela


School Nutrition Program

School Nutrition Program

School Nutrition Program is one of the exclusive project of SON – Social Development Foundation, in which we raise awareness through interactive sessions among school going children and students from  various government and private institutes. Furthermore, we do Nutritional Assessment and provide counseling services about good dietary habits and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Free Camps

Nutrition Free Camps

Nutrition Free Camp is aims to eradicate faulty dietary habits while promoting nutritionally correct food choices among the masses. Most Camps are  targeted in Hospitals to create awareness among the sick population for better health outcomes.

NUR Food Bank

NUR Food Bank

School of Nutrition is running it NUR Food bank to provide monthly ration (Grocery) to poor families, widows, orphans and to disable persons. The purpose is to create awareness about nutrition and balanced diet to prevent different maladies to the best of our abilities.

Category A: 2-4 Household Members

Category B: 5-7 Household Members

Nutrition Bank

“To Provide Monthly Ration of Food to Poor Families and To Create Awareness about Healthy and Balanced Diet to Prevent Different Diseases”


School of Nutrition runs its Education Program at different levels for different stakeholders. We do following activities under this program:

  • Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education (CDNE) Workshop
  • Seminars on Health and Nutrition at educational institutes
  • Trainings on Communication Skills and Soft Skills for Students
Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education Workshop

Continuing Dietetics and Nutrition Education Workshop is one of SON– Nutrition Social Development Foundation’s project where it anticipates Lectures from Nutrition field experts, Interactive sessions and also promotes Healthy Lifestyle by discussing the Medical Nutrition Therapy of various states and diseases.

  • Nutritional Lectures
  • Interactive session with the audience
  • Discussion on Medical Nutritional Therapy and its application
  • Discussion on Recent Researches.
  • Educate the audience about Nutraceuticals and their role in disease prevention.


Nutritionist Club is a social forum to bring together Nutritionists and related people in at one platform with a focus of Health and Nutrition. Members can avail community service opportunities, workshops, seminars, annual dinner and be informed with upcoming job opportunities and events in the field of Nutrition.

Nutritionists Club

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