School of Nutrition is a consultancy firm working since 2014 to meet the high quality standards by contributing towards the healthy life style and excellence in entrepreneurship opportunities for emerging nutritionists’ to bring a positive change in the society.

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Board of Directors

  • Dr. Rizwana Muzaffar

  • Mr. Zaigham Mehmood

  • Ms. Shazia Zahra

  • Mr. Usman Mustafa

  • Mr. Ahmed Ch.

Executive Members

  • Mr. Azmat K. Majeed

  • Prof. Dr. Nighat Bhatti

  • Mrs. Zareen Arif Ijaz

Technical Advisor

  • Mr. Tahir Zahoor


Health and Nutrition Lounge

  • Ms. Shazia Zahra

  • Ms. Safeena Amjad

  • Ms. Meshaal Perwaiz Khan

  • Ms. Feroza Amber

  • Ms. Marukh Malik

  • Ms. Alghaya Tahir

  • Ms. Maham Pervez

Nutrition Academics & Research Program

  • Mr. Adnan Khaliq

  • Mr. Farhan Chugtai

  • Ali Murtaza

  • Ms. Sitara Amjad

Food and Nutrition Services

  • Ms. Sadia Ashraf

  • Ms. Hudabia Nasir

Nutrition Social Development Foundation

  • Ms. Farzeen Fatima

International Ambassadors

  • Ms. Sidra Bhatti

  • Ms. Wanisha Javed

Operational Team

  • Ms. Shazia Zahra

  • Ms. Safina Amjad

  • Ms. Rubab Sakhawat


Ms. Shazia Zahra
Ms. Shazia ZahraFounder - School of Nutrition

Shazia Zahra has sixteen years of experience in the field of Nutritional Sciences. She has actively developed this area through promoting excellence in health and nutrition since 2006 at Fatima Memorial Hospital. Currently, she is working as the HOD – Nutritional Sciences at FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences and NUR International University. In her role she has introduced B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences at FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences for the first time in a Medical College in Pakistan, and recently, started BS in Nutritional Sciences and MS in Clinical Nutrition at NUR International University.

Director Operations
Ms. Rubab Sakhawat
Ms. Rubab SakhawatDirector Of Finance

Rubab Sakhawat is associated with “NesWay” as an “Accounts Manager” since 2011. NesWay is a Nutrition and Event Management Company offering Excellence in Health and Nutritional Services.


Ms. Safeena Amjad
Ms. Safeena AmjadDirector – Health and Nutrition Lounge

Safeena is a Consultant Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian who completed her Bachelors in Dietetics from Government College of Home Economics and Masters in Food & Nutrition from University of agriculture Faisalabad.

Ms. Yashra Afzal
Ms. Yashra AfzalClinical Nutritionist/Dietician

Yashra Afzal is a well presented, self motivated and confident nutrition graduate with knowledge of assessing patients’ nutritional needs, then developing and implementing nutrition programs for them.

Ms. Maham Pervaiz
Ms. Maham PervaizClinical Nutritionist/Dietician

Maham is a Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian who received her Bachelors degree from College of Home Economics in Food and Nutrition Sciences. She did her Clinical Nutrition training program from Fatima Memorial Hospital

Ms. Zainab Nazakat
Ms. Zainab NazakatClinical Nutritionist/Dietician

Zainab Nazakat studied Food and Nutrition and got her bachelor’s degree from College 0f Home Economics Lahore. She has recently completed her training at Fatima Memorial System and now practicing there as a full time Clinical Nutritionist.


Ms. Meshaal Perwaiz Khan
Ms. Meshaal Perwaiz KhanAssistant Director, Academic & Research

After completing her bachelors in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition, Meshaal Perwaiz Khan has extensively worked in the field of Food & Nutrition. Her strong background in sciences field prompted her desire to undertake nutrition as a career. She is currently pursuing her M.Phil degree in Nutrition from Kinnaird College and is doing what she is passionate about; getting her clients fitter. Meshaal focuses on health, fitness, weight management and overall wellbeing through clean eating complimented with an active lifestyle and exercise.

Mr. Adnan Khaliq
Mr. Adnan KhaliqSenior Researcher

My name is Adnan Khaliq and have completed my Doctoral study in Food Technology from university of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Currently, I am working in management Team (Academic & Research) in school and nutrition team (SON).

Mr. Muhammad Farhan Jahangir Chughtai
Mr. Muhammad Farhan Jahangir Chughtai Senior Researcher

Muhammad Farhan Jahangir Chughtai has completed his Ph.D. Food Technology from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. He has visited and worked in Bindley Bioscience Center, Discovery Park, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN-USA.

<strong>Muhammad Ali Murtaza</strong>
Muhammad Ali Murtaza Nutritionist

By profession Ali is a nutritionist, backed with 3 years of in house clinical Nutrition training and education from Fatima memorial hospital chartered by University of Health sciences, who happens to have an interest in the field research and a special place for maternal and child health & nutrition in his heart. Ali is a teacher of the subjects of Nutrition science and is proudly teaching in his parent institute; FMH.


Ms. Sadia Ashraf
Ms. Sadia AshrafDirector – Khaalis Kitchenette

Sadia Ashraf is M.Sc in Rural Sociology (2005) MBA in marketing (2014). She also has the degree in LLB, B.ed and also holding the degree in DHMS (2 years).

Ms. Khoula Masood
Ms. Khoula MasoodCoordinator – Food and Nutrition Services

Ms. Khoula Masood is a graduate in Food and Nutrition with over 2 years of experience as a Nutritionist intern and now trainee at Fatima Memorial Hospital.


Ms. Shahneela Tariq
Ms. Shahneela TariqDirector – Nutrition Social Development Foundation

Shahneela Tariq has seven years of experience in marketing and communications, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Kinnaird College for Women Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, she is an M.Phil Research Scholar in International Relations at Kinnaird College for Women Lahore.


Ms. Sidra Bhatti
Ms. Sidra BhattiInternational Ambassador - Europe

Ms. Sidra Bhatti is a graduate in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition with over 2 years of experience as a Nutritionist and in the Social Development Sector. She is an M.Phil. Scholar and has earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore with an Honorary mention in the Principals Merit List. She has previously worked with Nestle as a Nutrition Consultant and served as the Operations Director; managing and planning various projects at School of Nutrition.

Ms. Wanisha Javaid
Ms. Wanisha JavaidInternational Ambassador - Canada

Wanisha Javaid is working in a field of Nutrition for over 5 years and has earned a degree in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition from Kinnaird College for women, Lahore. Currently she is doing her Masters in Human Nutrition from McGill University Canada. She has recently finished a Research Project entitled “Low Saturated Fat Diet reduces the risk of Hypercholesterolemia in Childhood and Adolescence” and presented significant results.